God is Love

In my Bible reading, I am going through 1 John right now. I was impressed today with the matter of practicing the divine love of God, as seen in 3:10 through 4:21. In 4:7 to the end of chapter 4, the practicing of this love is by God as the Supreme Love and the Bountiful Spirit. Verse 8 says the famous words “God is love”. This shows that God’s very essence is love. Verse 12 speaks of God’s love being perfected in us. God’s love is the highest, deepest, supreme love, and needs no perfecting, but in us, this love needs to be perfected and completed in it’s manifestation. If we do not love one another with this love, as God showed to us in the sending of His only begotten Son (v. 9), it is not manifested perfectly and completely. When we love one another with the love of God, we love one another in a habitual way.

Our human love is limited. It runs out eventually. So, how can we love one another with God’s higher, unlimited love? The answer is in verse 13. It is by the Spirit. Our abiding in the Lord to be one with Him and experience Him as the supreme love is all in the realm of the All-inclusive Spirit. Everything God is and has done is transmitted to us through the Spirit. (Acts 2:38, Phil. 1:19, John 3:34, Exodus 30:25). Hallelujah for this Wonderful Spirit! Hallelujah for the wonderful Triune God! Our God truly is love. God is love.


Jesus is Lord!

Well, here we go, a first post and, hopefully, a nugget of divine gold for my readers to enjoy. Jesus is Lord! Did you know that when you declare this simple phrase, you are in the Holy Spirit?

1 Corinthians 12:3 says: “Therefore I make known to you that no one 1speaking in the aSpirit of God says, Jesus is 2accursed; and 3no one can say, bJesus isLord! except in the cHoly Spirit.”

Notice that last part – that’s right, the part that says NO ONE CAN SAY, Jesus is Lord! except in the Holy Spirit. I love how this translation (the Recovery Version) puts an exclamation mark there. I must testify that many times in Christian meetings, when things were a little quiet, a little stale, or even when it was already pretty good, shouting “Jesus is Lord!” together, with a loud voice, ignited everyone in the meeting. Certainly this is a wonderful way to forget about your problems and claim and enjoy the fact – that in the universe there is One who is Lord over all. And that is none other than our dear Lord Jesus.